Before the work on almost any building project can be started, you need someone who can imagine the idea, draw it up, and lay it out for someone who is capable of building it. That process is no different when it comes to ironwork. Our designers can help you, whether you are interested in creations for your home or business, draw out your idea so that it can be built by the rest of our team.

Whether you know exactly what you want or are a little hazy on the details, our designers can work with you to clarify your ideas, suggest differing aesthetic choices, and make your design tangible.

Our Designers’ Specialties

Because our designers enjoy both using their own creative inspirations and working off the ideas of others, they are capable of handling a wide range of custom projects. These include, but are certainly not limited to:


  • Railings
  • Handrails
  • Pickets
  • Stairs
  • Spirals
  • Gates
  • Arbors
  • And more!


If the project you want completed is not on this list, don’t worry! Our designers are fully capable of creating custom project designs for anything you have in mind, whether it needs to work on a large scale or a small one.

Unique and Interesting Ornamental Iron Creations

Because our designers don’t have to “think inside the box” and are often employed to create artistic ironwork projects, they are imaginative and can lay out a design that will provide more appeal to your home or business. And, more appeal means more value. By putting your project ideas into the hands of our trained and experienced designers, you are making an investment that will stand for a long time.

To see more of our designers’ work or to schedule a consultation, please call Innovative Iron today at (801)-931-6625  so we can get started on your designs and ideas!



Thank you so much for the very pleasant experience of working with all of you. Your professionalism and kindness was much appreciated. I love the porch railing and will enjoy it every time I go out on my porch.
- Iris Jacobsen

These men were polite went right to work and finished very quickly. I'm very satisfied with the work end product and labor. Thank you very much.
- Tom Bolen

The rails are beautiful. Thanks for working with us on the tight budget. We hear neighbors’ praise.
- Patty Stark



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