While the designers at Innovative Iron work with our clients to get their ideas down on paper, our draftsmen are the ones who take the sketch and translate it into specifications that our fabricators can understand and follow.

The Importance of Draftsmen

The draftsmen that help to make up our ironwork team perform a very important task. Without drawing out the ideas of the designers to scale and making notes that everyone else on the team can easily understand, the project would not go as smoothly.

If everyone were to just go off the original sketch, they might not imagine the finished product in the same way that the other members of the team do. In addition, they might not know what size every little part of the ironwork creation should be, which would prevent the project from being perfect at the end of our processes.

The Translation

Our draftsmen have to be both creative and highly skilled in order to take creative ideas and transform them into to-scale drawings of exactly what the ironwork project should look like at the end. They must understand how iron can be bent, cut, shaped, hammered, and welded in order to give the exact specifications.

All the members of our team are highly educated and experienced at what they do, and our draftsmen are no exception. Our draftsmen must also be good communicators so they can work with both the designers and the fabricators to make sure that they accurately display our clients’ desires and that the project is well within our capabilities.

Put Our Draftsmen to Work!

If you are looking for a company that specializes in custom ironwork products for Utah homes and businesses, call Innovative Iron today at (801)-931-6625 to have us start a project!



Thank you so much for the very pleasant experience of working with all of you. Your professionalism and kindness was much appreciated. I love the porch railing and will enjoy it every time I go out on my porch.
- Iris Jacobsen

These men were polite went right to work and finished very quickly. I'm very satisfied with the work end product and labor. Thank you very much.
- Tom Bolen

The rails are beautiful. Thanks for working with us on the tight budget. We hear neighbors’ praise.
- Patty Stark



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