After the designers, draftsmen, and blacksmiths are finished with their parts of the project, the ironwork moves to our fabricators who work to put together the piece exactly the way that the designers and the draftsmen specified. Our fabricators pride themselves on their attention to detail, precise management, and accurate angling.

Building Railings

Many of our customers are interested in having new and innovative iron railings at their home or business. Much of that work is completed by our skilled fabricators. They are the ones who actually put the railing together and get it ready for installation.

Because we rely so heavily on our fabricators, we make sure that they are highly trained and ready for the large workload. Their determination and perseverance makes a huge difference to our team as a whole.

All Our Employees are Team Players

At Innovative Iron, nobody works in a sphere that is all their own. Everyone must work together with a team goal in mind. If one person doesn’t pull their weight, then the creative and ornamental iron projects that we work on would not be possible. It takes many different types of people and specialties to make our final products as amazing and perfect as they are.

Our fabricators work with everyone else on the team to make sure that the iron project follows the exact specifications set out by the clients, the artists, and the draftsmen. They also make sure that the blacksmiths and welders have everything they need to make the whole project run smoothly. Our company is a very tight, long chain, and each individual link must be strong and work hard.

Innovative Iron and Your Projects!

We work as hard as we do to provide you with the most interesting ironwork creations in Utah. If you want something custom-made for your home or business, call Innovative Iron now at (801)-931-6625!



Thank you so much for the very pleasant experience of working with all of you. Your professionalism and kindness was much appreciated. I love the porch railing and will enjoy it every time I go out on my porch.
- Iris Jacobsen

These men were polite went right to work and finished very quickly. I'm very satisfied with the work end product and labor. Thank you very much.
- Tom Bolen

The rails are beautiful. Thanks for working with us on the tight budget. We hear neighbors’ praise.
- Patty Stark



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