While you might have an image of painters painting walls, floors, and other miscellaneous items, our iron painters are specialized in painting metal, which requires an additional skill set. Just like every other member of our team, the ironwork projects would not be possible without the extensive skills of our painters.

Why is Painting Iron Important?

Unlike other painted surfaces, iron is prone to rust and other kinds of discolorations. This can turn a unique iron creation into something you aren’t proud of anymore. However, when you paint the iron, you can delay the oxidation process a little while.

Iron rusts when it is exposed to moisture, and it can start as quickly as the first time it rains or is exposed to a sprinkler head. That’s why we make sure that all of our iron creations are painted before we install them at your home or business.

The Painting Process

To make sure that we give you a long-lasting, beautiful ironwork masterpiece, our painters are meticulous about how they do their work. First, they scrub the iron to make sure that there are no imperfections in the iron, that the mill oil is removed, that no rust has started to form, and that none of the previous paint is left (if repainting).

Next, they use a rust-inhibiting primer on the iron and allow that to dry before adding oil-based paint and a high-quality top coat. Without each step in this painting process, the ironwork at your home or business would be more vulnerable to rust and oxidized discoloration.

If you are interested in having your ornamental iron painted or in getting a new ironwork project started, call Innovative Iron today at (801)-931-6625!



Thank you so much for the very pleasant experience of working with all of you. Your professionalism and kindness was much appreciated. I love the porch railing and will enjoy it every time I go out on my porch.
- Iris Jacobsen

These men were polite went right to work and finished very quickly. I'm very satisfied with the work end product and labor. Thank you very much.
- Tom Bolen

The rails are beautiful. Thanks for working with us on the tight budget. We hear neighbors’ praise.
- Patty Stark



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